How no fluff jobs processes your personal data?

Dear No Fluff Jobs User, we are very happy to inform you that No Fluff Jobs is GDPR (RODO) compliant! We are also delighted to present you with the way we use your personal data. Rest assured that when process your data we are keeping up the “no fluff” approach and do not exploit the data in any way.

I am a candidate and:

  • I submit an application through external form of job ad advertiser:
    We are not involved in such data processing in any way, since the application is being placed in an external system governed by the advertiser to which we just redirect you. Any requests related to your personal data, have to be sent directly to job ad advertiser.

I am a recruiter and:

  • I post a job ad, company profile and/or have an account in employer’s panel:
    Your personal data is used only to contact you in the context of the provided service.


    And I gave an additional marketing info consent:
    If you give an additional consent for sending for sending marketing info, we can ping you from time to time with some new cool discounts or promotions.

  • I want to send some request related to my data and/or given consents:
    You can send us a request at any time using this form

I have recommended my friend for a job ad:

  • Your basic personal data as name and email is used only to inform a prospective employer that you have introduced a friend to apply for a job and should be granted a referral bonus (if such bonus was defined in the job ad). Your personal data is passed to the prospective employer only if your friend applies for the recommended position.

We do not sell nor provide your data to any external entity. Rest assured that when processing your data we are keeping up the “no fluff” approach and are not exploiting the data in any way. You can read more about data processing in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.